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Monday, July 21, 2014

Akto College Fashion Show 2014

These are the designs of my 3rd year (BA degree) in Akto college. Down below you can read the concept and original idea. All six pieces were made by me.  

Fashion Show

(model: Christiana Gargaropoulou)

(model: Stella Giaboura)
(the photo of the 3rd look is missing!)

Fashion Show (video)


The topic that I chose for my research work was "the medieval armor to modern times." A very interesting topic, in my opinion, with many historical items from which one can draw inspiration. Personally, I am fascinated by the Middle Ages, particularly the knights and their armor.

The second element I used as an inspiration, a women's underwear. Such as the armor protects the fighter from injuries in the battlefield, so do underwear, they have their own protective role, which is to protect the skin and particularly the sensitive skin of our genitals.

The topic I chose to analyze is the underwear as armor. So, I chose to link to my main idea and inspiration to something that also fascinates me and it’s not other than woman’s underwear. The armor being a protective garment is worn over the underwear and clothes in contrast with the undergarments that are worn under clothing. These two elements are opposite but still have similar use, protection.

The woman’s underwear as a concept refers to femininity and sensuality, and it belongs to the garments that are actually not exposed to common view, since it is made ​​to dress non obvious signs of the female body. So the underwear itself has symbolisms that are inextricably connected with eroticism. Regarding the sensuality and sensual clothes.


Photographer: Anna Pleoni - Zilfidou
Model: Melina Chronopoulou
Mua: Maria Faroupou
Designer/Stylist: Carolina K. (me)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Photoshoot :)

Hey! This is a photoshoot i did the previous month for my friend and designer of the clothes Marilena Panagiotaki. Three looks designed by her for our closing Bachelor fashion show this year. 
Photographer: Stephanos Samios
Designer/Stylist: Marilena Panagiotaki
Model: Carolina K.

Thank you :)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Beautiful Disaster Book Review

Well, this is not a review but my thoughts about this book. I got this book as a Christmas present and i honestly never thought i could read such a big book (464 pages long). Once i red the story at the back of the book i was like "nuh, I'm not reading love story books", out of curiosity the next day i red a couple of pages and realised that this book was amazing. I red the book in 4 days, 464 pages in four days. That's how amazing this book is, i recommend it to everyone, even if you don't like love stories and things like that. Its so well written, i felt like a was living there with Abbie and Travis. Once i finished it, i felt sad and i started googling. I found out that this book was a best seller since 2011 and the writer Jamie McGuire wrote a second book which is the same story but from the boy's point of view. Warner wants to make this book into a movie (hopefully soon), and i was so excited about the 2nd book, that i went online and ordered it! I will be able in a couple of days to read it! I'm so happy i had the chance to get around it and read it. One of the best books i will ever read, and I'm saying that with my heart! 


Carolina x)

Monday, December 23, 2013

OOTD-YouTube Video

What I'm wearing: Jacket Zara | Top Zara | Cardigan H&M | Jeans Wesc | Boots Celestino | Bag Fullah Sugah | Necklace H&M 

Carolina x)

Monday, December 16, 2013


So i was scrolling down at and an idea popped to my mind. So the idea was to share some of my favorite pieces from Zara's trf line with you guys :)
Hope you like them!
(click on images to visit site)

Carolina x)


I made this decorations myself easyly at home. You just need some art supplies and you are ready to make some yourself. I really like creating decorations for my bedroom, and i always change them up time to time. I "stole" some ideas from Pinterest and made them into my own. If you would like, i can make a video tutorial on Youtube or maybe a step by step photo tutorial via blog post! 
I love diys :)