Thursday, October 23, 2014

Greek vegetarian Dakos!

Helloooooo again! Im back with an other easy vegetarian recipe for my lovely readers *o*
This is an "original" Greek recipe that comes from Crete. Its super simple and i love it. I make it when im super lazy to make something else. 

I hope you like it and if you want to learn how to make it, then.. keep on reading love!

Outfit of the day

what im wearing: Shirt  Zara | Shorts  Bershka | Jacket  Zara | Wedges  Missguided

Hello guys! How are you today? Today the sun shines but its a bit cold outside and i know that my legs will freeze but yolo! Although it was raining all night and all morning its not humid outside. Oh well, if i get cold ill throw on some invisible tights and ill be okay *o*
By the way, Jeremy loves watching me taking those pictures everytime, but this time he decided to join me! Hope you enjoy and dont forget to hype my look on if you like my outfit! xoxo

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Outfit of the day!

what im wearing: Jumper  HM | Shorts  Zara | Wedges  Missguided

Hellooo! I didnt post the past few days, cause i had some things to do in Athens but im back with a new outfit post! Ugh, although i wish i had someone to take pictures of my outfits outside, i have to work with what i have. Anyway, Today is sunny outside, but its not super hot like yesterday, thats why im wearing this oversized jumper. I love it *o*
Stay tuned to my blog, because a recipe is coming! Thank you!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Vegetarian Chocolate-Peanut Butter snack bars

Helloooooo! Today i have an exciting recipe for you guys!! Its a Sneakers bar dupe recipe, that tastes as good (or, even better). Its super yummy but dont eat too many of those. Too much sugar will make your stomach hurt *o*

(Original recipe found on pinterest)

Anyway, if you wanna learn how to make those yummy-yummy snacks, keep on.. reading!!!

Rock the exhibition

what im wearing: Tank Top  Zara | Jeans  Koton | Blazer  Nautica | Sandals  Fullah Sugah | Necklace  Martofchina | Clutch  Vintage

Hellooooo! I know, i know.. i went a bit crazy with those jeans, but im excused, because i rediscovered them yesterday and im in loveeee! Seriously, i love them even more now. So tonight ill be going to an exhibition and i had to pick something more, uhm, chic i guess, but my ripped jeans are spicing the "chic-ness" up a bit, and makes the outfit more edgy in my opinion, so it suits my style and personality better. Hopefully my legs wont freeze tonight! 

Thank you guyssss <3 

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Popsicle snack!

I love summer, ice cream, popsicles, fruits, smoothies, juices and cold drinks in general. But now its fall.. Well, that doesnt mean you cant make your own popsicles to enjoy at home! 

Super easy and tasty popsicle snacks to eat at home or on the go for you!
(recipe found on pinterest, linked photo)

If you want to learn how to make these beauties, then.. keep on reading *o*         

Tonights outfit

what im wearing: Top  Zara | Jeans  Koton | Jacket  Celestino | Wedges  Missguided

Hello lovely people! Tonight im going to this new place opened in the area and im super excited! Right now is super hot outside, but it will get chilly at night, so ill carry my jacket with me just in case i need it. By the way i diy-ed those jeans :D
Thank you *o* 

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